About Me

When you know better, you do better!

Have you ever heard the saying, “When it rains, it pours”? Well, at about the time I was adjusting to the emotional changes of an empty nest, my body was experiencing physical changes that left me tired and overweight. I tried several ‘diets’ after reading the popular books and still couldn’t lose the additional pounds.

At about this time, I was introduced to yoga. It was the first ‘exercise’ that I really enjoyed, probably because it helped me so much mentally. As I grew in my practice, I learned what foods made me feel good and gave me energy.

The connection between nutrition and my yoga practice spilled into other areas of my life. I noticed that my food choices influenced my energy and my moods (can you say HANGRY?). Through meditation I was learning more about myself and realized I was out of alignment in some areas of my life, including my career. I wanted to share what I was learning and help others having similar challenges but wasn’t sure how.

When we are open to change, the path becomes clear.

A door was opened when I learned about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and resonated with their theory of bio-individuality and the relationship between food and lifestyle choices. I was fascinated with the relationship between our gut and brain, or food & mood, so I continued my study and earned additional certification in that area.

Through the work with my clients in 1:1 coaching sessions and facilitating workshops, the problem of sugar addiction became apparent. I started focusing on helping women understand their relationship with sugar and how it impacts health. This lead me to the 21-Day Sugar Detox. I loved the program so much that I became certified to coach others through it.

My journey continues and I know that as I learn more, I will continue to do better. My clients have taught me so much. My current personal challenge is increasing bone density since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I have continued to adjust my food choices and lifestyle in order to reverse or at least stop the bone loss. I look forward to my next DEXA scan. One of my personal goals is to avoid prescription medications if I can improve my health through diet and lifestyle changes. I am grateful to have a doctor that is willing to work with me on this.

Making lifestyle shifts is not as easy as taking a pill, but the side effects are much better to take!

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