One of my favorite things to do is teach others what I have learned on my journey. Venues include Lunch & Learn office programs, non-profit, libraries, clubs, etc. Contact me to learn more.

Topic: “Eating for Energy: Fuel for Your Day” Workshop

Time Length: 60, 90 or 120 minutes

Class Description: What would your life be like if you had an abundance of energy and vitality?

Nourishment includes the food we eat as well as the choices we make in our lives. These choices can either energize us or drain us. We’ll discuss the difference and how to make the right choices. We’ll also discuss bio-individuality, and the relationship between sugar and mood swings.

Topic: “Sugar Addiction, Understanding our Relationship with Sugar” Workshop

Time Length: 60, 90 or 120 minutes

Workshop Description: This workshop will inspire you to permanently change your relationship with sugar, and turn your life around through the power of healthy eating. Have you experienced the feeling that eating just a little sugar creates the desire for more? Like most Americans today, you are probably addicted to sugar. This is an opportunity to finally control what you eat and drink, not through willpower or discipline but by understanding what causes those uncontrollable cravings -- and knowing that you can reduce them naturally over time.

Topic: " Live More, Weigh Less: A Non-Diet Approach to Weight Loss” Workshop

Time Length: 60, 90 or 120 minutes, or two classes up to 120 minutes each.

Workshop Description: This workshop will inspire you to permanently change your perspective on your health. You'll discover why diets don't work and the problems associated with common weight loss and some health issues. We'll discuss the importance of adding more of certain foods to your diet rather than taking foods away.


“Material was excellent as well as her knowledge of the material.” ~ Nancy C

“Pleasant teaching and coaching style. Well informed.”

“Pam’s enthusiasm and joyful demeanor is contagious.” ~ Maggie

“Loved the program!” ~ Mary Ann C

“Information was very helpful and presented clearly.”

“Friendly teacher. Attentive to our questions.” ~ Chuck L

“Instructor knowledgeable, humorous and encouraging.” ~ Bev T

“I liked your openness, pleasantness, ability to present new ideas without threatening people.” ~ Johanna C

“Didn’t make me feel guilty about my diet.”

“Inspiration to improve my eating habits.”